Rubber pavement 1000x1000x45 mm (raster 28 mm, black)

Rubber pavement 1000x1000x45 mm (raster 28 mm, black)

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Product code: DP-PR-4510G-15

The prices and weights apply to 1 m2 of the pavement. More information


Technical specifications

Product code: DP-PR-4510G-15
Weight: 24.3 kg
Free fall height: 1,5 m
Measurements: 1 x 1 x 0,045 m
Required area for assembly: 1 x 1 m
Fall damping surface:

Anti-fall rubber pavements are used as impact flooring for children's playgrounds, preventing injuries that might be caused by falls from the play objects in the playground. They are shock-absorbent and anti-slip. Thanks to the material used, the pavements are water permeable but resist aggressive substances and chemicals. They are also weather and UV resistant (which strongly helps them maintain their colour). These properties are preserved within a broad temperature range from -40 to + 110 °C.

The standard colours of the pavements are black, red and green. The pavement may be laid in prepared gravel or sand beds as well as on concrete or bitumen surfaces. The paving elements may be joined by the attached plastic pins (16 pieces/m2 come with the supply, thickness of pavement from 30 mm). All pavements are ČSN EN 1177 certified by the renowned accreditation authority TUV SÜD CZECH and possess valid European hygienic attestation. The paving elements may be cut to the required size in the course of their laying.

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