Technical parameters


Material solution of play elements


1 A-Shaped roof

made of HPL (high-pressure laminate featuring high colour fastness, scratch resistance, UV resistance and water resistance).

2 Bearing structure

made from glued prisms of 100 × 100 mm (surface treatment of the wooden parts consisting of the deep impregnation and application of three layers of coating glazing varnish according to EN 71/3 – safe for children’s toys), or from structural steels 100 × 100 mm (protected against corrosion by galvanizing or duplex powder coating with coat curing). The Baby Line´s bearing structure is made from construction steel (60 × 60 mm).

3 Handles, safety rods

and other elements are of galvanized steel or steel with a duplex cured powder coat.

4 Slide

are made of red, yellow, green and blue fiberglass. The Baby Line slides are of stainless steel.

5 Platforms

are normally made of 18-mm thick waterproof plywood for outdoor use with anti-slip surface treatment or HPL that is resilient, UV-resistant and maintains its rich and bright colours.

6 Net knots

are made of aluminium or coloured polyamide of Polyfix system.

7 Multi-strand ropes

With steel core and polypropylene braid with diameter of 16 mm. In blue, red, yellow and green colours.

8 Vertical columns caps

are steel, galvanized or duplex powder-coated.

9 Shaped parts

are milled from fully-coloured extruded polyethylene (HDPE) boards that are resistant to breakage, UV resistant and maintain their rich and bright colours.

10 Seat

The BABY seat is made of rubber with an aluminium insert. The frame of the NEST seat is of steel with a polypropylene rope winding. Its inside part is made of ropes with pressed aluminium sockets. The Special seat is made of HDPE and contains a 5-point belt making it suitable for disabled children.

11 Swing hinges

are robust stainless steel castings fitted with bearings to facilitate movement. The hinge for the NEST version is multi-directional and provided with a safety chain.

12 Swing posts

are from steel profiles with hot-dip galvanized surface resulting in significantly prolonged service life.

14 Concrete feet

in pre-drilled holes meet requirements of the construction standard.

15 Anchoring elements

are made of steel, hot-dip galvanized.