UNIVERSAL 4U142KS - silver

UNIVERSAL 4U142KS - silver

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Product code: 4U-142KS-10

Tower, slide, arched roof, barrier, post with a flag, drawing board, sloping net access, anchor, helm made from HDPE, 2x barrier with an aperture, sloping ramp with steps and metal handles. More information


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Technical specifications

Product code: 4U-142KS-10
Weight: 340.0 kg
Recommended age: 2-15 years
Free fall height: 1 m
Load capacity: 486 kg
Maximum number of users: 9
Measurements: 7,09 x 2,77 x 3,48 m
Required area for assembly: 10,6 x 5,8 m
Fall damping surface:
The support structure of the tower unit is made of structural steel which is protected against corrosion by zinc coating, resulting in a very prolonged service life of the workout elements, and coating with baked paint KOMAXIT according to the RAL colour system. All other metallic elements are also zinc coated and treated with baked paint KOMAXIT according to the RAL colour system.

The slide is made from fibreglass. The surfaces of the slide, steps, etc. are made from high quality HDPE plastic (high density coloured polyethylene, which is characterised by high colour stability, UV resistance but mainly safety as it doesn't break and therefore there is no danger of injury to children by sharp fragments). The climbing net is made using HERKULES material (16 mm thick ropes made from polypropylene with a steel internal core) and is connected with plastic or aluminium joints. The platform and the drawing board are made from HPL (High-pressure laminate, which is characterised by high colour stability and water resistance). All fastening material is galvanized or stainless steel.

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